The aim of education is not knowledge but action. Only an educated mind can lead to actions that bring about change & growth.



The greatest gift you can ever give your family and the world is a healthy you. Health is wealth, but only the sick realize it.



The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.

Installation of Sanitary napkin incinerators and dispensers – Taking a stand for women’s hygiene

With various awareness drives and campaign on women’s hygiene, the usage of sanitary napkins has seen a massive increase in the past decade. However, there is still a long way to go with regards to proper usage and disposal mechanisms. Improper disposal of sanitary napkins is unhygienic and can cause the spread of infections. Besides, the non-biodegradable nature of sanitary napkins makes them an environmental hazard if not disposed off appropriately.

To solve these issues at a grassroots level, we have partnered with Tendril Products to install sanitary napkin vending machines at popular railway stations on the Western Line (Maharashtra). Alongside these vending machines are incinerators – giving women the chance to dispose off sanitary napkins in a safe and hygienic manner. The replenishment/ repair of the machines are maintained by Tendril Products. Moving forward, the plan is to scale this up to other railway stations across the Central and Western lines.

Message from MD

The philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility is all about BEING SAKSHAM & MAKING OTHERS SAKSHAM. Being responsible, ensures one is mature enough to take care of himself and further more if one performs his responsibilities as his duties, the person would then qualify of being able and capable to support the unsupported around. Giving back to the society is ones most important responsibility be it in cash or in kind, else the very reason of being born on this earth remains unfulfilled. Every penny earned is in normal case ploughed back as an investment in some manner or the other. Everyday is a learning process and there is growth in our abilities and capabilities. However, its not necessary that every penny earned should be used for your own benefit. Sometimes it should be spent to reach out and uplift the underprivileged. God has not made every human being alike and it is the responsibility of us as good human beings to ensure support in the area of upgrading the lives of the underprivileged. It is only when one is able, that he can be sustainable and thus help others to be able and sustain themselves. It is my endeavour to build an organization where all human beings sustain themselves in whatever they do and also support the ones who are unable to sustain themselves. SAKSHAM is hence the buzz word to be inculcated in every SAKSHAM employee to remind us that now since we are SAKSHAM, it is our responsibility to make people around us equally. SAKSHAM and make the world a sustainable place worth living in. Always at your Service With a Passion to Serve…...

~ Ashish Sheth

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